Kenosha Film Festival – November 12, 2011

by Betty Hernandez

If you have always wanted to be in the movies, now is your golden opportunity to try out for a role in “Casting Call,” a new television show produced by Public Image Media out of Madison, Wisconsin. “Casting Call,” can best be described as the “American Idol©” for actors and filmmakers. Created by Greg Kuper, an executive producer in Madison, Wisconsin, the Film Festival will feature the first round of events that form the foundation for the “Casting Call” season. Kuper, originally from Kenosha County, says he didn’t choose Kenosha, Kenosha chose him. While looking for a location for the Film Festival, he asked Maureen Cashin, from Actor’s Craft in Kenosha, to be a judge. She invited him to Kenosha, and he immediately recognized Kenosha’s natural beauty, location, and available facilities to be the perfect venue.

The Kenosha Film Festival offers aspiring artists four categories of competition: filmmaker, actor, scriptwriter, and crewmember. Experience is not a criterion. If you think you have talent, put your best foot forward and try out. Submission of a registration form and a $25 registration fee is all that is required for anyone who wishes to participate, and the deadline for registration is October 15. Three rounds of competition will be judged and the winning film will be featured on the first episode of “Casting Call.”

The first round will take place in Kenosha on November 12 at the Rhode Center for the Arts. Rhode’s two theaters will be used to screen dozens of independent films submitted by area filmmakers who are competing to be on the show as well as acting auditions. The public is invited to view these screenings. Six winning filmmakers, screenwriters, lead actors, and crew members will be chosen to create six new films for the second round. Actors who are not chosen to be lead actors in the creation of the final film, may be chosen as supporting actors for the next round of filmmaking. Registered actors cast in supporting roles will be eligible to win over a lead role actor. In other words, lead actors chosen for the next round will be selected from all actors participating in the Kenosha Film Festival on November 12. One month after these teams are formed, the films will be judged, and three people from each category, regardless of which team they are on, will be chosen to compete for the third round. Third round winners will be featured on the first episode of “Casting Call,” to be aired in 2012. Subsequent episodes of “Casting Call” will feature behind-the-scenes filming and interviews with the filmmakers, writers, directors, and crew of all the films.

The Kenosha Film Festival is seeking active sponsors. Sponsorship will be a powerful marketing tool with innovative and unique packages. Various sponsorship opportunities are available to fit your company’s particular needs. Your company’s products and services will be featured in the films, and multiple opportunities are available that can give your company exposure. For more information about becoming a sponsor, go to If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, send an Email to Greg Kuper at

For more information and to register for participation, go to Even if you don’t want to be part of the movies, you are welcome to attend the Kenosha Film Festival. Tickets are $15 at the door. The atmosphere will be festive, designed for entertainment, and promises to be a fun day for all.