by Colleen Kappeler

Actor’s Craft began in April of 2005 when Bolog decided to put a name and location to the work she was already doing informally since 1987 – working as an acting coach. Many people associate Actor’s Craft with children’s acting workshops, which is the smallest of what it has to offer. Bolog, trained by some of the top acting coaches in the country, including Ivana Chubbuck, works with groups and one-on-one for audition training and as an acting coach. Her professionalism and abilities are known far and wide and are recommended by agents and casting directors from both Chicago and Milwaukee. People drive over four hours to come to her workshops and to work with her to prepare for roles.

Bolog will be presenting a bit more, as well as some clips so the audience can really see the work that is being done, at November’s BeExposed! event. However, just for fun, here are a few strong examples of what Actor’s Craft has produced:

  • Zaire Adams, a child actor, came to Bolog to learn auditioning skills and on-camera acting. He was then cast in Twist, directed by Debbie Allen, in Atlanta, GA. His dad relocated with him so that they could live in Atlanta during the production of this play.
  • Joseph Stanich, a beginning child actor, worked on an audition piece with Bolog for Tim Burton’s Frankenweinie, a Disney movie Burton is remaking. Burton placed Stanich second in line for the part which eventually went to a more experienced actor, Atticus Shaffer, who lives in Hollywood and stars in the sitcom The Middle.
  • Twenty-seven-year-old, Sid Valicharla, an Indian engineer from Milwaukee, decided to pursue his desire for acting and attended a workshop Bolog held. From there he came to work with her on an audition piece for a new Vince Vaughn film that was auditioning in Chicago. Valicharla, too, was a beginning actor, but his audition piece caught the eye of the film’s director – Ron Howard! The casting director and Howard recommended him for the role, until Vaughn saw his audition tape and decided he was too handsome to play the particular part of the Indian geek. He may not have got the part, but he was liked by Ron Howard and that is more than most actors can add to their resumes!
  • Another child actress, Paris Berelc, had been studying with acting coaches in Chicago (who often are also casting directors). Paris was up for an audition for the second Diary of a Wimpy Kid when her mother called Bolog asking for a quick audition rehearsal. Her agent from Lily’s Talent said Paris’ audition was fantastic and that Bolog had identified and corrected what had been missing from her previous auditions. Her agent was so impressed with Paris’ improved skills; she recommended to her mother that Paris stick with the acing coach from Kenosha.

At the BeExposed! event, Bolog will share footage of some of these stories as well as a few others, including Aaron Farb who used to drive four hours from Lake Tomahawk, WI, to work with her, sleeping in the Wal-Mart parking lot overnight. He now lives in California and has had a successful commercial, worked on over 20 films – taking the lead in many shorts and independents, and recently had a long speaking role with Ray Liotta in a Christian Slater and Ving Rhames movie.

Actor’s Craft is not your typical acting workshop studio – it is so much more. On November 19th Bolog will be able to share even more with the audience, so come prepared with questions and ready to see what successes this small Kenosha Company is turning out.